Heroes and Dice

House Rules Updated 06-9-2016

1.) Please be friendly and courteous to your fellow players. While a little trash talking can be fun please be aware some people may not appreciate it. 


2.) Silver Age: Any character that was made with a card is considered Silver Age.


3.) Any number of Equips ,Resources, and ID cards may be rejected by the opponent. Rejected game elements are removed from the game before map roll. Points are only scored for rejected game elements if that players entire remaining force is defeated. 


4.) Highlander Rule applies as follows:  No dupes or the same real name on the character's ID card. An exception is made for figures that have special mechanics specifically revolving around playing multiple of the same individual.   

Example: If you play Batman with the real name Bruce Wayne then you may not play another Batman with that name printed on the dial. If you play a figure with the name Bruce Wayne printed on the dial unless that Bruce Wayne has a real name other than Bruce Wayne.


5.) If you play none of the rejectable game elements then you may build multiple teams and allow your opponent to pick which they would like to play. 


6.) Most important rule of Heroes & Dice is to have as much fun as possible.