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Approaching the Game: Superior Foes of Spiderman Sealed Primer

Posted by Heroes and Dice on August 7, 2016 at 11:35 PM

Hello Everyone it is MegaloRob here with an Approaching the Game article!

Today I am going to talk about the Superior Foes of Spiderman set coming out this wendesday (August 10).  This is going to be my primer for approaching sealed games.  This is a little different then other primers you may have read.  Again, this is my primer and how I approach Superior Foes of Spiderman sealeds.  

Starting off we are going to need to make a few assumptions:

  1. You recieve 2 boosters for your sealed team.
  2. You will be building a 300 point team.  
  3. You will not recieve a SR, Chase or Prime.
  4. A booster contains 2-3 common, 1-2 uncommon, and 1 rare.
  5. If a figure has multiple point values I will count the lowest point value.

1 and 2 seem simple.  3 is a shocker, but really I like to bet on the surest thing and expecting to get one of those rarer figures really puts a huge challenge on getting your head ready for the unxepected.  

Lets look at the Common figures:
  • Lowest point figure 15pts
  • Highest point figure 80pts
  • Average point of a common figure 45
  • 1 (6% of common figures) has outwit, that is Kingpin.
  • 6 (38% of common figures) have a move and attack power. Not counting Serpent Society trait.
  • 2 (12% of common figures) have super senses.
  • 1 (6% of common figures) have percision Strike, that is Trantula.
  • 2 (12% of common figues) have perplex.

Lets look at the Uncommon figures:

  • Lowest point figure 25pts.
  • Highest point figure 100pts.
  • Average point of an uncommon figure 70.
  • 2 (12% of uncommon figues) have outwit.
  • 7 (43% of uncommon figures) have move and attack.
  • 3 (18% of uncommon figures) have super sense.
  • 1 (6% of uncommon figues) have percision strike.
  • 4 (24% of uncommon figures) have perplex.

Lets look at the Rare figures:
  • Lowest point figures 35.
  • Highest point figure 105.
  • Average point figure 69.
  • 1 (6% of rare figues) have figures has outwit, Boomarang.
  • 7 (50% of rare figures) have move and attack.
  • 4 (24% of rare figures) have super sense.
  • 1 (6% of rare figrues) have percision strike, Boomerang
  • 1 (6% of rare figures) have perplex, Mephisto.
  • 1 (6% of rare figurs) have leadership, Beetle.

Now lets say that in your two boosters you get 5 common, 3 uncommon, and 2 rare.  

The average point cost of a figure in the CUR range is 58 points.  This means that you can probabally build a team with 5 figures on it if you so choose.  In a 300 point game this will work out to your advantage as you will be able to out action an opponent.  This also means that if you build a team with less then 4 figures you need to expect to get out actioned.  

Expect to get 3 or 4 figures with super senses.  There is a good chance that you could build a team with all super senses figures.  Now relying on super senses is a big risk.  But those figures are mostly spider-verse figures and they all work together really well.  Outwit and percision strike are much harder to find then super senses so you can expect your opponent to not to be able to cancel your super senses.  This will mean that 1 in 3 of their attacks that would hit will instead miss. If your opponent is Meatloaf (2 out of 3 ain't bad) he would be perfectly fine with those odds.  But if you are making the same ammount of attacks then your opponent and you are hitting 33% more often then they are then you will most likely win that match.

Do not expect to have a figure with outwit.  Out of 48 figures in the CUR set only 3 have outwit.  Those are deep odds.  Now if you pull those outwit figues Norman, Kingpin, Jackle, and Boomarang then heavily consider playing them.  Because if your opponent has 4 figues with super senses that means they have 4 spider-men figures and they all work together really well.  As low of odds seem to get one of those outwit figures your chances of getting one of the 3/48 figures with percision strike that will ignore that super senses. If your oppoent does have a figure with outwit KO that figure first.  

The uncommon figures have the most perplex.  1/4 of them have it.  Odds are good that you will have at least 1 uncommon figure with perplex but remember we only expect to get 3 uncommon figues so odds are still good that we won't have one.  But if you get a figure with perplex then play that figure.  Perplex won't be on every team and that little boost will give you an edge.  

2 figures have leadership, 3 if you count Boomerang's high point value and I am not.  These 2 figues are Beetle and Kingpin.  If you are fielding a team of 5 figures in a 300 point match then leadership will be a great boon to you.  That extra action could make a huge difference.  Kingpin also has outwit.  That fat man brings a lot to the table for 75 points.  Watch out Kraven, he might take your head off with a car door.... ;)

There is a lot of move and attack in this set.  Most of it charge and running shot.  There is one guy though you need to watch out for.  Speed Demon.

In my opinion Speed Demon is the guy who will be winning events.  He is a rare figure but he is also the only CUR figure with Hypersonic Speed.  In my opinion the golden ticket of pulls for doing well in the sealed environment would be Speed Demon with some perplex and Kingpin.  Speed Demon has a 12 speed with hypersonic speed, an 11 attack, and 3 damage.  He also has indomable so he can be pushing a lot.  Kingpin's leadership succeeds on a 4-6 and he removes action tokens regardless of point value.  Keeping Speed Demon and Kingpin close enough together and Speed Demon can return to Kingpin could mean Speed Demon is attacking every turn!!!

But then what if you pull a SR.  Well there is an easy answer to this.  In my opinion the last few sets have had a shift in their design.  The CUR base of the set creates a kind of law of physics within the set in what you can expect from figures.  But then the SR figures come in and break those rules.  If you get a SR I will strongly suggest that you build your team to support that SR figure.  Like if you get Ares, he has a high defense with damage reducers you do not see a lot in the CUR set, he has a really high attack, he has a high base damage.  But Ares wants to be in close, he has a 6 range but his tools are close combat tools.  So give him some running shot support or a taxi figure.  

There you go.  This is my primer.  I'm not going to tell you what figures to play or even rate a figure on its own.  You know how you like to play the game.  What I hope I did with this article was give you a good overview of how the set behaves so you can build your team without regrets and maximize on your fun.

I'll see you around.

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