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Playing the Comic: Patsy Walker aka Hellcat

Posted by Heroes and Dice on August 10, 2016 at 1:50 PM

Hello Everyone it is MegaloRob with a Playing the Comic.

So today I'm going to look at the Patsy Walker aka Hellcat series that started a few months ago.  I've been picking them up because I like Hellcat but I haven't sat down to read them until just now.  I'm two issues in and I'm ready to form a team.

So in the book Hellcat was working as a detective for She-Hulk's lawler office but She-Hulk fires her because of a lack of money.  Hellcat has a series of hipster unfortunate events and ends up making an emergency meeting with her super hero community.  They all come running thinking there is some punching that needs to happen but realy Hellcat just needs to see friendly people and have a burger.  The group she calls in are what follows: She-Hulk, America Chaves, Squirrel Girl, Kate Bishop, Spectrum, and Valkyrie.  I can represent this group in a 300 point team if I leave out America, which is easy because she doesn't have a clix representation yet.  

Hellcat and her Amazing Friends 289pts

AVAS012 Hellcat 73

FI005 Valkyrie 130

CA056 Squirrel-Girl 59

AVID Hawkeye 5

AVID Spectrum 5

AVID She-Hulk 5

Iron Man Briefcase 12

For the ID cards I'm using the civil war She-Hulk because she can charge through walls but she is 90 points so only Valkerie can call her in, the secret invasion Hawkeye because this kate is only 57 points so all of the figures can call her in, and the age of ultron specturm but at 77 points she can only be called in by valkerie.  

I have the iron man briefcase Hellcat could use some damage reducers.

So this is a tough team to play right here.  None of my main figures have any range.  So I basically have 2 ranged attacks I can make in the whole game, through Hawkeye and through Specturm.  So I gotta plan my movement and positioning carefully.  However Squirrel-Girl helps with that a great deal.  See she has monkey joe.  I detach monkey joe and he runs over next to the guy I want to deal with.  Monkey joe has 8 speed with leap climb and 16 defense with super sense.  Monkey Joe will run up and stand next to whoever I need based.  They can spend an action to try to kill Monkey Joe and I have a chance to evade that attack or they can try to break away from him.  Either way is fine with me.  See valkerie can be placed in any square another figure was koed in when they are koed.  So in killing monkey joe my opponent then allows me to place valkerie next to them, and that figure that killed monkey joe doesn't get to attack valkerie because they just used their action to take out the squirrel!  Who will just go right back to squirrel-girls base so I can pop him off again next turn.  If my opponent decieds to ignore monkey joe I can then just push him and when he is koed because of the push I can still place valkerie in the square monkey joe ended up, and then I can have valkerie attack!

Hellcat will be running interference.  Squirrel-Girl will be managing the monkey joe madness.  Valkerie is the backbone of the team and will do most of the heavy lifting and damage dealing.  

What are your thoughs?


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