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Playing the Comic: Patsy Walker aka Hellcat

Posted by Heroes and Dice on August 10, 2016 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (41)

Hello Everyone it is MegaloRob with a Playing the Comic.

So today I'm going to look at the Patsy Walker aka Hellcat series that started a few months ago.  I've been picking them up because I like Hellcat but I haven't sat down to read them until just now.  I'm two issues in and I'm ready to form a team.

So in the book Hellcat was working as a detective for She-Hulk's lawler office but She-Hulk fires her because of a lack of money.  Hellcat has a series of hipster unfortunate events and ends up making an emergency meeting with her super hero community.  They all come running thinking there is some punching that needs to happen but realy Hellcat just needs to see friendly people and have a burger.  The group she calls in are what follows: She-Hulk, America Chaves, Squirrel Girl, Kate Bishop, Spectrum, and Valkyrie.  I can represent this group in a 300 point team if I leave out America, which is easy because she doesn't have a clix representation yet.  

Hellcat and her Amazing Friends 289pts

AVAS012 Hellcat 73

FI005 Valkyrie 130

CA056 Squirrel-Girl 59

AVID Hawkeye 5

AVID Spectrum 5

AVID She-Hulk 5

Iron Man Briefcase 12

For the ID cards I'm using the civil war She-Hulk because she can charge through walls but she is 90 points so only Valkerie can call her in, the secret invasion Hawkeye because this kate is only 57 points so all of the figures can call her in, and the age of ultron specturm but at 77 points she can only be called in by valkerie.  

I have the iron man briefcase Hellcat could use some damage reducers.

So this is a tough team to play right here.  None of my main figures have any range.  So I basically have 2 ranged attacks I can make in the whole game, through Hawkeye and through Specturm.  So I gotta plan my movement and positioning carefully.  However Squirrel-Girl helps with that a great deal.  See she has monkey joe.  I detach monkey joe and he runs over next to the guy I want to deal with.  Monkey joe has 8 speed with leap climb and 16 defense with super sense.  Monkey Joe will run up and stand next to whoever I need based.  They can spend an action to try to kill Monkey Joe and I have a chance to evade that attack or they can try to break away from him.  Either way is fine with me.  See valkerie can be placed in any square another figure was koed in when they are koed.  So in killing monkey joe my opponent then allows me to place valkerie next to them, and that figure that killed monkey joe doesn't get to attack valkerie because they just used their action to take out the squirrel!  Who will just go right back to squirrel-girls base so I can pop him off again next turn.  If my opponent decieds to ignore monkey joe I can then just push him and when he is koed because of the push I can still place valkerie in the square monkey joe ended up, and then I can have valkerie attack!

Hellcat will be running interference.  Squirrel-Girl will be managing the monkey joe madness.  Valkerie is the backbone of the team and will do most of the heavy lifting and damage dealing.  

What are your thoughs?


Playing the Comics: Ultimates

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Hello again.  It is MegaloRob with Playing the Comic.  Today I'm going to break down the new run of the Ultimates.

The Ultimates is a team that Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) formed as a think tank and a preemptive response unit.  They are meant to figure out what the big issues are and then make them non issues.  Their first target was Galactus.  They actually managed to change him (THROUGH SCIENCE!) from Galactus the Devourer of Wrolds into Galactus the Lifebringer.  The big guy always said one day he would return to the galaxy 1000x what he took from it.  I know it sounds silly but its cool.  The book actually has a subplot of Galactus working as an agent of Eternity because Eternity is somehow bound.  Who could bind a universe? My money is on Doom.  

So the team in the comic is Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, and America Chaves.  The only figure we don't have made is America Chaves.  And we are building, like always, a 300 point team so we are going to skip over Blue Marvel because he is 230 points.  The Ultimates were also the team that kicked off the Civil War 2 event after hearing that Thanos was coming to town.  In that story War Machine and She-Hulked joined them to stop Thanos so we are going to reflect that as well.

The Ultimates: Avengers Theme Team: Secret Avengers ATA 5pts(15): 297 points

Civil War Movie set

CACW013 Black Panther 80

CACW004 War Machine 105

Guardians of the Galaxy

GOGT207r Captain Marvel 115

Age of Ultron

AOU034 Spectrum 77

AOU23e She-Hulk 75

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

IDcard War Machine 5

IDcard She-Hulk 5

Our team is made up of 3 figures.  We have 2 fliers, 2 figures with willpower (indomiable for cap), 2 characters with pulse wave (cap at the end and spec in the beginning), 1 character with outwit, 1 character with percision strike.  

Here is how I would play the team.  I would have CM carry around BP.  She would be pinging away at figures with damage reducers with her 3 damage.  She has a 9 speed with her hypersonic so carrying BP would give her a 7 speed.  Now this doesn't realy let her hit then get away, it can but it isn't something you would be able to set up easily so you gotta assume that figures will get to her.  That is fine beause if they get to her then next turn they have to deal with BP.  BP has sidestep and outwit so when you get CM away after her attack you don't need to really think about where to put BP right away.  He can always sidestep to get into a better position for his outwit.  I would focus BP outwit on move and attack powers before I focus on defense powers.  Missing is a real possibility and you don't want to get rid of some damage reducer just to miss and then have a running shot psychic blast totally destroy your CM.  Then you have S.  She has phasing and pulse wave and a special power that lets her choose empower, enhancement or willpower.  That is pretty good.  You can place her in a position you want your CM to attack next to and pick the power that would increase CM's damage.  Your next turn you could have S pulse wave picking willpower.

So your team has 2 big threats, CM and S.  Both of those threats can opperate on their own. Although CM + BP is the main threat and S is secondary.  You can use S to set up a trap.  S can call in She-Hulk who has charge + flurry + super strength.  So when she gets knocked around a little she can still bring in some pain through She-Hulk.  BP can call in She-Hulk as well.  CM can also call in She-Hulk but she gets to call in War Machine too.  War Machine has running shot, 11 attack, and 4 damage.  So if it looks like your opponent has set up a trap for your CM you send in War Machine instead.  

Then we have the secret avengers ata.  This ata makes it so your opponent has to target your figures with an attack before they can use outwit or perplex on your figures.  Pretty good.  

What are your thoughts on this team?  Or the comic?

Playing the Comics: New Avengers

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Hello this is MegaloRob with another of my Playing the Comics.  Today we are going to form a 300 point team around the New Avengers.  Now there have been a lot of New Avengers line ups but we are going to build around Sunspot's team.  

What is Sunspot doing with an Avengers team you ask?  Well he performed a corprate take over of A.I.M. and shifted it from the evil Advanced Idea Mechanics to the good Avengers Idea Mechanics.  Money talks.  And he treats the A.I.M. guys really well.  New Avengers is actualy my favorite of the current Avengers books right now.  While everyone is playing ball with shady/dirtbag Maria Hill and her S.H.I.E.L.D. Sunspot is the one guy who is standing up to her.  All while he has ultimate Reed Richards out to get him.  And the A.I.M. guys love him so we get some super brosie moments too.  They call him the Totally Awesome Supreme Leader of A.I.M.

So who is on his team?  Sunspot, Wicken, Hulkling, White Tiger, Power Man, Song Bird, Hawkeye (Clint), P.O.D. (a killer robot not clixed... Box would work for P.O.D.), Squirrel Girl, and A.I.M. Agents.  Yes the A.I.M. guys are part of the team.  When the team is on a mission the entirity of A.I.M. is following a stream of the mission and any A.I.M. Agent that helps out with a solution to a problem gets a big bonus.  

Here is what I have: 300 points on the nose, not a theme team.

Wolverine and the X-Men

WXM018 Sunspot 76

Captain America

CA056 Squirrel Girl 59

Civil War Summer OP

CWSOP024 Song Bird 70

CWSOP027 Hulkling 90

Avengers Assembled

AVASAVID Hawkeye 5

Avengers: Age of Ultron Starter Set

AAOU106 Hawkeye 75

Ok so lets break down this team.  Using the ID card I can fit 5 characters from the team into my 300 point build and I think that is pretty cool.  

Sunspot start out with charge and super strength and he ends with flight running shot and pulse wave.  He is also 76 points  and can call in that 75 point Hawkeye to do some running shot psychic blasting.

Songbird is the one flyer in the team (Sunspot and Hulkling gain the ability to fly through a power end dial though) and she starts out with sidestep and telekenisis and ends with running shot pulse wave.  Her Justice Like Lighting trait can help her clear tokens from just herself as she is the only one with the thunderbolts keyword.  

Hulkling starts with charge super strength and ends with flight and improved movement ignores characters regeneration.  So he can go in and throw some punches then run away to heal.

Squirrel girl is the tie up piece.  She has a lot of leap climb and combat reflexes and super sense if monkey joe is attached.  But monkey joe has leap climb super sense and while he is a squirrel he is from 2011 and predates tiny figures so you can use him as a meat shield for your guys.  Song bird can carry monkey joe around and drop him next to your opponent.

Hawkeye has traited running shot, 11 attack psychic blast and 3 damage with an 8 range and 2 targets.  So as a guy who comes in just for one turn he is really good.

So this team plays out kind of like two teams.  It can be tricky for you playing it but if you remember and plan for it you could totally take your opponent by suprise.  Its starts out as a bruiser in your face team.  Song bird has a low range so she isn't going to be shooting much and you have Sunspot, hulkling, and Squirrel Girl getting in faces and trying to do some damage.  Once Sunspot gets knocked into the second part of his dial he can start pulse waving and running shotting which is a great combo.  The same goes for Song bird.  She has 2 clix of her special TK power so do not be afraid to push her to get your guys in positions.  Followed by two clix of energy explosion and perplex so do not be afraid to push her to get that energy explosion blast off.  Then comes her running shot pulse wave.  Hulkling is a straight forward brick.  He just gets a defense spike end dial and can easily get away to heal back to his brick clixs easy.  Don't be afraid to make him run away.  Squirrel Girl is your tie up piece, use her and monkey joe to hold your opponent down while your other guys get into position.

I think this is a fun team.  What do you guys think?


Playing the Comic: Thunderbolts

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Hello everyone, its MegaloRob with a Playing the Comic write up.  Today I'm going to build a team from the new Thunderbolts run.

This book has some backstory I gotta explain.  So..... Maria Hill got ahold of a fractured cosmic cube that gained sentience or self awarness or whatever and decided it was a 5 year old little girl.  Maria takes this little girl called Kobiak and brings it to a small town and then talks Kobiak into rewriting the reality of super villians.  Kobiak turned Graviaton into a balding accountant.  So the super villians didn't know who they really were, they just went about life in this little town.  Stuff went down, Zemo got away, the different avengers groups got involved, Kobiak turned Steve Rodgers from a grumpy old man into his normal young strong self.  In the fall out of all this while everyone was getting away Kobiak goes to Winter Soldier and tells me that people tried to control her and use her like a think just like how they did to Winter Soldier.  She asks that he keep her safe and watch out for her friends.... THE THUNDERBOLTS!

So the team is Winter Solder in the lead with Moonstone, Fixer, Atlas, and Mach V.  Then of course Kobiak just pops up and does amazing or terrible things sometimes.  

Lets do our 300 point team: 297 points total. Not a theme team.

Captain America

CA045 Fixer 102

Civil War

CWSOP030 Atlas 90

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

NFAOS100 Winter Soldier 95

Age of Ultron

AOUAUID103 Captain America

AOU020 Captain America

Guardians of the Galaxy 

GoGS101 Terrigin Crystals 5

Ok so what do we got.

Fixer is 102 poitns (higher point value then bucky), has the scientist keyword, perplex, and the masters of evil team ability.  

Atlas is 90 points of a big beat stick.  He is going to get shot but his 18 starting def can be perplexed up to 19.  Assuming your opponents high attack value will be 11 that means your opponent will need to roll an 8 to hit Atlas and the odds are in your favor for them to miss that attack.  

Winter Soldier has range combat expert that lets him target all opposing characters along a line (within his range) and his range combat expert special damage power also gives him imporved targeting ignores characters.  The Winter Soldier also has a trait that allows friendly figres with the scientist keyword and a higher point value then him to use mind control on him.  

We have the Cap ID card and the AOU cap because Cap is someone that Winter Soldier would call in for help and this cap has hypersonic speed, outwit, and can be brought in by any of my three figures.  

We have the terrigin crystals to represent the randomness of the Kobiak little girl.  

How do I plan to play this team:

Well I'll keep everyone within fixers range so fixer can perplex atlas.  Atlas will move forward as a big and hopefully hard to hit target.  Then the Winter Soldier will be using range combat expert ignoring Atlas and any other figure I want to ignor.  Now the beauty of Fixer, he can mind control Winter Soldier to have him make additional attacks each turn.  Between Bucky's willpower, and Fixers Masters of Evil TA the Winter Soldier will have a ton of oppertunities to attack.  Hell, how often do you get to have the same figure make multiple ranged combat expert attacks in the same turn?  Remember the damage depletion rule doesn't apply here.  This rule makes it so if a figure attacks a second time in a turn its damage goes down by 1 (flurrys power description states that it ignores this).  The mind controled attack doesn't count as Winter Soldier making an attack because the Fixer made him do it.  

So what are your thoughts on this team?

Playing the Comic: Green Arrow Rebirth 1

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In this weeks Playing the comic we are going to look into Green Arrow Rebirth #1.

Rebirh is restarting the DC line again.  Its bringing the legacy back into things.  Or so they say.  

In Green Arrow Rebirth #1 it introduces Ollie as a self described Social Justice Warrior.  In it he meets Black Canary for I think they say the second time and there are sparks.  Ollie also references his gadgets (motorcycle) and Dinah refrences Roy.  The story is a team up between Black Canary and Green Arrow. We cann't really make a team of the two of them but we are going to add in the things they referenced and make a 300 point team.

300 points on the dot!

DC Monthly OP 2016

WKD16-004 Green Arrow 85

Fast Forces Streets of Gotham

FFSOG004 Black Canary 100

Con Figures

DP16-008 Arrow Cycle 40

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

NFAOS062 Captain America's Motorcycle 30


CR005 Speedy 45


So did we min/max?  Nope because screw that noise.  Just play the game and enjoy the figures and I really like this team.  This is not a theme team.  We could have done it but it wouldn't have fit into our build goal.  Green Arrow, Black Canary and the Arrow Cycle could all be part of a justice league theme team but they we had a bunch of points left over and I wanted to stick with what the comic referenced their support was.

Green Arrow has a starting 12 attack,  3 damage, 7 range.  He will be riding on the Arrow Cycle which has running shot.  Black Canary has a starting 11 attack, 2 damage, 5 range.  She will be riding on Captain America's Mortocycle.  There is just something very cool about having those two tearing around on mortocycles.  Those high attacks will really help out in hitting considering we do not have any uses of theme team prob.

The great thing about vehicles are how they are these amazing damage shields.  Both mortocycles have 5 clix so before your opponent can really start putting damage onto Green Arrow and Black Canary they have to work though those mortorcycles.  So your main attackers will just be sitting on 12 and 11 attacks just pounding down your opposition.  Captain America's mortorcycle has charge and the Arrow Cycle has running shot.  Both good for their pilots powers; Green Arrows range and Black Canary's close combat expert.  Caps mortocycle also has a build in effect that if it crosses elevated terrain and ends adjacent to an opposing figure then that opposing figure gets -1 def.  This also makes me happy so Black Canary will be doing all kinds of stunts on that mortocycle lowerig the defense of opposing figures and making it just that bit easier to hit.  

Then we have speedy.  He is here because he is Roy and his points are perfect for this team goal.  But he has running shot with an 8 range and a starting 10 attack at range.  He has a neat special power on his first 2 damage clicks where he can remove 3 hindering or blocking tokens within line of fire: 

TRICK ARROWS: Give Speedy a ranged combat action; Speedy can remove from the game up to three hindering terrain markers, or barrier terrain markers (removing makers one at a time) to which he has a clear line of fire at the time the marker is removed, after which he can make a ranged combat attack.

A clear line of fire.  It doesn't say anything about range.  So long as he can see the marker he can remove it.  So those pesky barriers that may come into effect to try to stop Green Arrow from taking shots can be removed all while keeping Speedy safe.  

This team isn't a mindless team like playing 300 point superman can be but it is a fun team that wants you to use a ot finess.  Your positioning will be key.

Take care and I will see you next wendesday for another Playing the Comic.

Playing the comic: Karnak

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Hello everyone MegaloRob here.

This is the first instalment of what I like to call "Playing the Comic"  Here I'll try to build teams directly from issues of comics that I really enjoy and talk about how they might play.  Don't expect theme teams here.

Today we are going to build from the currently ongoing Karnak comic.  June will have the 5th issue of this series come out.  This series is written by Warren Ellis and Penciled by Roland Boschi.  

Before his series Karnak went through some stuff and now he is no longer trying to be the advisor to the Inhuman Royal Family but he is just trying to be himself.  He got some decent clothing, built a temple to wisdom in the middle of nowhere, and started trainging people.  Karnak is then approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. who want his help in finding a missing Inhuman.  He agrees so Karnak and S.H.I.E.L.D. go on an adventure together.   

What is really interesting about this book is how Karnak is written.  He not only knows the weak spot in all things for punching but he knows the weak spot in all things for speaking too.  The book has a lot of Karnak making Coulson uncomfterable and that is gold. 

So lets try for 300 points.

Fast Forces: The Inhumans

004 Karnak 100

Fast Forces: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

002 Agent Coulson 75

Nick Fury, Agent of Shield

005a S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Agent 40

005a S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Agent 40

022 Simmons 35

Incredible Hulk

S102 Globe of Ultimate Knowledge 10

This is 300 points exactly.  In the comic Karnak deals with 2 named S.H.I.E.L.D. agents; Agent Couldon and Agent Simmons.  Then he does interact with a variety of no named S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and tries to get them into his teachings.  

I chose this Karnak because I like that he has a lot of movement options and can always deal at least 3 damage and sometimes it is penetrating.  His attack doesn't drop below 10 too and that is great.  I chose this Agent Coulson because I like his ability to place a figure of lower points that shares a keyword with him next to him and that is a trait!  I chose this Simmons because I like that she alternates between outwit and support.  I chose the two S.H.I.E.L.D. Field Agents because they are perfect deciples of Karnak.  They have sidestep and empower then lower in their dial they have close combat expert.  Then I chose the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge just because I had 10 points left over and it sounds like something Karnak would have.  

This team plays very much like the comic, S.H.I.E.L.D. supports Karnak while Karnak does all the work.  Keep those 2 Field agents adjacent to Karnak and he will be punching for 5 damage using their empower... or using their S.H.I.E.L.D. TA shooting for 3 (or 5) with a 2 range!  Noone would expect that attack!  You keep Coulson behind Karnak using his running shot 6 range to lay down support fire.  Coulson also needs to be ready to call up Simmons who I would keep in my starting area.  He can just place a figure that shares a keyword with him and is a lower point value so if Karnak needs support or outwit Coulson could get Simmons to him right away.  

But if they KO your Karnak you are in some deep trouble!  So don't let that happen!  

Thanks for reading.  I'll try to have another article up next friday.