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Our Location: 37555 Sycamore Street, Newark, CA, 94560, US

Our Phone Number: 510-943-8977 

 Hello fellow Heroclix Warriors.  This here is the Heroes and Dice website.  We are building it up and attempting to create a community center for our players.  Come to set up trades, see when the next games are, and share your hype for the game.  The life hustle is real and sometimes we just need a place where we can share something with our friends.  This is the place.


Recent Updates:

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7/21 Forum: Update the WHOLE set of Superior Foes of Spider-Man is known.  Where there are good pictures of the sculpt next to the card I have those on the forum page.  Where there are not I have instead a really good picture of the sculpt (digital model). So go check it out.   

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5/26: Newsletter 3 went out 

Heroes And Dice ROC Super Qualifier, CA. May 23rd

Heroes And Dice ROC Super Qualifier May 23rd


Heroes And Dice

37555 Sycamore St. Suite #11

Newark, CA. 94560


9:00AM Doors Open

10:30AM Event Begins


300pt Modern Age

1st Place additional prize support will include a sealed brick, the ROC championship and full set of all nine lantern corps custom dice

2nd Place additional prize support will include a full set of up to date sets of monthly LE kits.

3rd Place additional prize support will include a set of monthly LE's winners choice.

all top four will be rewarded with a convention exclusive LE figure

grab bags given out to all participants 


Four round swiss with break. Then single elimation until a winner is crowned. There will be battle royal events during single elimations for players still wanting to get their hands on cool prizes.

We try to press sportsmanship at all of our events, this Is why we chose such great prizes to be awarded for Fellowship.

More prizes will be added to list as event gets closer.

Due to a possible limit to space we ask for people to please pre register for main event. All pre registered players will be entered into a raffle for various prizes including chase figures from recent sets.

Entry Fee Fee is $25, and can be purchased above. Please Email u

s following your payment with full names so we can add you to the list also include any questions you might have. Email us at: heroesanddice@gmail.com 








Registration List:

1. Tyler R.

2. Keaton Green

3. Luis Torres

4. Jamie James

5. Stephen Holland-Chang

6.  Una Chang

7. Mathew Colony

8. Paul Carson

9. Wes Betschart

10. Gil Aranda

11. Clayton Lou

12. Kenneth Ducksworth

13. Jessica Myers

14. Mark Ericson

15. Alfred Garcia

16. Lorenzo Toribio

17. Kenneth Owes

18. Ben Hays

19. Sean Toysa

20. Darby Bryan-Dye


21. Mike Garcia


9. Wes Betschar


Nick Fury Agent Of SHIELD

Pre-Orders for are still available:

1 Case = $159

1 Brick = $80

 Pre-Orders Close on 6-3 so get your order in ASAP.


Store Information


37555 Sycamore St. Suite #11

Newark, CA. 94560

Email: Heroesanddice@gmail.com

Hours of Operation:



Wednesday 12PM-12PM

Thursday  12PM - 12PM

Friday 12PM-12PM

Saturday 12PM -12PM

 Sunday 12PM - 12PM